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I made a Simblr last night.


I haven't gotten around to following people yet, so if you'd like, tell me your own tumblr so I can follow you! Off to work I go...5 PM get here quick!

The Christmases, Gen D Part Two

As requested by a few of my lovely, amazing readers! Thanks for showing an interest :)
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Peggy 526

Control Previews
EA // Adjust-Shine

EA // Adjust-Shine

I made it onto MS3B! Thanks for including me! I remember making it on Sims Showcase back in my TS1 days. That seems like forever ago! I noticed a comment on MS3B that they looked straight out of EA or something to that extent. I wasn't sure if that was meant to be negative, but that's mainly how I play my game. I will try to make the Adjust-Shine a little shinier, to please everyone :)

Peggy 0763

Mesh by Peggy
Control by Anubis
Texture by Pooklet
Available for Males and Females T-E

[ Download ]

I've started making both EA Control and Adjust-Shine control when making hair. Those will be available soon. I never noticed how different the two looked in game! I've been working on a few older Peggy meshes that I haven't seen done yet!